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What are vegan cosmetics?

According to vegan ideology, a vegan product should be free of animal products and animal testing, but since there is neither widespread knowledge of it, nor regulation, the term can be misused or misunderstood.

Vegan Action’s Certification, much like Vegan Society’s, is a trademark which is issued to some (but not yet all) products which are free of both animal products and testing. This helps in not having to examine ingredient lists for certified products, but keep in mind that not every vegan trademark will be certified cruelty free.
I have labelled cruelty free brands below and written a post about them, which you can find here.



skyn ICELAND (vegan, cruelty free)

Iceland is rich in natural resources, such as mineral rich waters, antioxidant berries and soothing algaes – many of them are used in skyn ICELAND’s products to soothe, stabilize and nourish skin. One of their main concerns is how stress affects our skins, and how to counteract these negative effects.

Nature’s Gate (vegan, cruelty free)

Skin, hair, oral and sun care – Nature’s Gate has it all. They have the largest selection of natural toothpaste flavours I have ever seen, including Anise and Cinnamon. The company is focused on Holistic Beauty and achieving beauty from the inside out, with a clean and healthy lifestyle.



Cover FX (vegan, cruelty free)

Specialized in foundation, Cover FX products are free of what they call “inflamatory 5” – parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc. Their wide range of over 40 shades is meant to provide a precise match for all ethnicities and undertones, and all products are formulated to be safe for very sensitive skin.

Kat Von D (vegan in transition, cruelty free)

Kat Von D makeup is famous for its even pigmentation and for being budge-proof – it is a high-end, all-rounder and cruelty free brand which carries many vegan products. Kat has stated that she and her brand are working to reformulate the entire line to be vegan.

100% Pure (mostly vegan, cruelty free)

No synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial coloring or fragrances are added to 100% Pure products – they are coloured with fruit and vegetable pigments, and preserved by vitamins and antioxidants. Some products contain beeswax or honey, but all of their vegan products are labelled clearly on their website. The brand carries skin, body and hair care; but their makeup really caught my eye – especially the Gemmed Luminizers (in shades Rose Gold and Moonstone Glow), coloured with fruit pigments and light reflecting gemstones.


Makeup Accessories

Beauty Blender (vegan, cruelty free)

The Beauty Blender’s popularity is entirely justified. It promises and delivers perfect application of base products, though some beauty gurus use it to apply powder as well.

EcoTools (vegan, cruelty free)

EcoTools has a wide range of eco-friendly brushes (hair and makeup) made with renewable bamboo and recycled materials. They also carry facial sponges, both for makeup and skincare; maintaining affordability and quality throughout.

Real Techniques (vegan, cruelty free)

Brushes and sponges by Real Techniques are not only vegan and affordable, they’re also very high quality – a recommended first splurge for people who are just getting into makeup.



KL Polish (vegan, cruelty free)

KL Polish is the beauty YouTuber KathleenLights’s nail polish brand. I can’t get over how gorgeous and chic the shades are, and on top of that, they’re all vegan and 5-free (free of potentially allergenic chemical ingredients commonly used in nail polish).


Arctic Fox (vegan, cruelty free)

Get bright and colorful tresses without any animal products, drying alcohols, and harsh or allergenic chemicals. Some people have even used Arctic Fox dyes on their pets, though the company recommends consulting with your vet before doing so. They also donate 15% of profit to animal welfare organizations.

Avalon Organics (vegan, cruelty free)

The company’s concern with using pure, organic plant-based ingredients walks hand in hand with their sustainability – their products are biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals, and synthetic fragrances or colours.

Morrocco Method (vegan, cruelty free)

With shampoos, conditioners, hair brushes, henna hair dye and even pet care available, Morrocco Method is not only a great option for people looking for vegan hair care, but their products are also soy-free, chemical-free, gluten-free and raw.

I’m not vegan myself, but I think it’s never a bad idea to choose a product you know was crafted free of animal suffering. Putting this list together surprised my pleasantly, as I found the niche expanding, and hope for it to continue to do so.

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