Lady Reviews | Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen

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Shiseido, one of my favourite skin care brands, is parent company to sunscreen specialized Anessa. I’ve only been able to find this brand physically in Japan, though their products are sold through various websites which ship worldwide.

Years ago, I hated the greasy feeling and white cast associated with sunscreen so much that I’d skip it completely. Fortunately, there currently so many satisfactory products which offer high protection and comfort, that there are no excuses for leaving home unprotected. The Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen is one of such products.


The sunscreen is a lightweight, fragrance-free product which goes great under makeup. It is very runny and milky, and though it does go on a bit oily and wet, it is absorbed almost immediately by the skin, drying down matte and free of white casts. It also seemed to aid in oil control and prolonging makeup wear.

It is water and sweat resistant, and stays put for a long time after application, needing to be removed with an oil-based makeup remover. Sometimes I’ll apply it by early morning and find it almost intact before going to bed. Though it does make my skin soft and smooth for the most part, it can make the skin under the nose pads of my glasses go really red and dry if I don’t reapply moisturizer.


It comes in a sturdy, golden 2oz (60ml) tube, which should be shaken well before use. As for protection, it’s UVA protection grade is the highest currently available (PA+++) with a 50+ SPF, meaning it has very high protection from both UVA and UVB rays. If you’re interested in better understanding these labels, I’ve written about sunscreens here.

I would recommend this sunscreen to anyone living in hot and humid places, or anyone who goes frequently to the beach – since it has high protection and is very comfortable and moisturizing, it can be worn anywhere, anytime. I definitely think it’s worth a try!

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