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The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel by Clinique is an oil free face moisturizer which promises to hydrate and balance combination to oily skin. It’s been my favourite moisturizer for close to a year – like expected of a gel moisturizer, it is lightweight, refreshing, and free of that tacky, greasy sensation one can get from a thicker moisturizing lotion.


My skin is normal, though my T-zone can get a bit oily occasionally, and it’s also very sensitive. It’s not uncommon for me to try products which end up irritating my skin and making me break out, so finding a soothing, balancing, fragrance-free product with mattifying properties such as this one was such a dream. It is absorbed very quickly by the skin and won’t interfere with any products you put on top of it (sunscreen, primer and makeup), which makes it an ideal morning moisturizer. Though Clinique recommends that it be used twice a day, I like using other skin care treatment products at night instead of it.


A little bit of it goes a really long way – normally, a single pump is enough for my face. On warmer days, I find that the product isn’t that effective in oil control, but in milder and cooler temperatures, the gel helps to keep my skin from developing shine for a least a couple of hours longer than usual.


6.7oz (20ml) and 1.7oz (50ml) containers

It comes in two sizes (though I did buy a third size, of 6.7oz-200ml, in a Singaporean Duty Free shop, I’ve never seen it anywhere else): a 1.7 oz (50ml) tube, and a 4.2oz (125ml) container with a pump.

Overall, this is great moisturizer for people with oily and/or acne prone skin. It makes skin soft and smooth, and is comfortable and mattifying. It’s one of my favourite skin care items, and a product I really recommend for anyone who dislikes the texture of traditionally thicker lotions.

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