I crave.
I’m not sure what it is exactly that my body longs for, but it is manifested as a deep, slow burning ache rooted in my guts and bones. This relentless desire tugs at me like dogs against their leashes, fighting for liberation…
This very morning I stood before the emptiness of my open windows and fell in love with something I cannot even hope to name. The sweet hum of life called to me with its odes to love and joy, from behind clouds and under bushes; bringing the ocean’s salt into my eyes. The songs of the wind and the living collided and collapsed themselves into a symphony behind my eyes- my body is a blank canvas, ready to be painted with fingertips, mapped by greedy lips, traced with tips of tongues and wisps of hair which would be blown back by soft, but hungry breathing. I crave legs intertwined with mine, laced in a patchwork of fluids. I crave obscenities whispered breathlessly into my ears, being an island in knotted sheets; vulnerable, yet invincible.

I crave infinity.