Yesterday night, I finally discovered the taste of your lips
I understood that my imagination could never do justice to your embrace
At last, I was tenderly cradled in the bosom of true happiness

Yesterday night, I floated through the endless prairies of your eyes
Traveled through miles and aeons by the tip of your tongue
Fathomed the sensation of an island receiving a castaway washed ashore

Yesterday night, I was invincible
You took me into your arms and made me sure of everything I’ve ever wanted, or needed, to know
No more would I wonder how it would be to hear that you loved me, to wonder what words you would use, or if you really did

Yesterday night, you visited me in my dreams
I awoke with the sensation of emptiness in my chest
Your proclamations of love will remain whispers of my imagination
I will forever wonder about the taste of your lips


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