10 | Minolta X700 // Ilford SFX 200

sunday // coffee, stroll, exhibition // sally mann’s a thousand crossings // jardin des tuileries // melancholy skies, happy memories

(i’d been completely enamoured with sally’s work since seeing the same exhibition at the getty center in los angeles eight months prior. was so glad to revisit it as one of the driving forces behind my becoming a photographer)

Paris (Jardin des Tuileries, Rue Amelot, Boulevard Beaumarchais), September 2019

Minolta X700 // Ilford SFX 200

– SLY –

2 | Minolta X700 // Ilford FP4+ 125

I took my camera to a party at Avenue de Breteuil and regret to say that my inexperience shone through – half the roll came out underexposed, with less than ideal framing. I can contentedly say, however, that I’m quite fond of the few usable photos of the bunch.

Paris (Avenue de Breteuil, Rue Oberkampf and Palais Garnier), March 2019

Minolta X700 // Ilford FP4+ 125

– SLY –